Where are your products made?
Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC.

How many employees are in you company?
Just myself, and my 1 pair of hands making everything.

Why doesn’t my order ship immediately?
I work very fast and way more than an average work week for most people. Although miniatures are time consuming and delicate pieces of artwork to make. Small orders take around 2 hours, medium orders take around 6 hours and large orders can take days. And every items has different colors and variations so each order is very unique to make. Orders ship between 2-4 weeks after being placed.

If I placed an order and have questions about eta?
Please email me for a check in, I’m very diligent and understand you want your items. I try my very best at getting them on the way as fast as I can make them.

Why are orders fulfilled 2-4 weeks after placement?
Orders are fulfilled chronologically as they were placed. I am the only hands putting items together, boxing and shipping them. So yes, there is a delay.

If you’re not swamped can I get items quicker?
Yes, of course happy to expedite.

Is this your first online shop?
No, I had a very successful Etsy shop for 7 years. 5 star seller, 5 star review average, 100-200 orders made per month.

How do I track an order?
You can track the order with the tracking and shipping info that was emailed upon completion. 

My order was damaged, what do I do?
Miniatures are delicate and shipping carriers are not. Please email me immediately and we’ll fix the problem diligently. I like happy customers :)

I don’t want my order anymore, can I return it?
Returns are very rare, but depending on the situation I am reasonable and flexible.

I have a special custom request or I need to change a detail in my order?
Please email me using the contact form on the website.

I need you for a corporate project or a fine art piece?
Please email me from PhillipNuveen.com my portfolio website.

What do you do in your free time?
Coffee, cocktails and general fun New York City things ;)